doTerra Slim and Sassy Review – Is It Any Good for Weight Loss?

doTerra Slim and Sassy Review – Does It Help You Lose Weight?

You should consider purchasing doTerra Slim and Sassy Essential Oil Metabolic Blend? We offer details reviews to support your choice to know if it’s a really good product for you.

About doTerra Slim and Sassy

doTerra Slim and Sassy is a liquid mixture that you may use in water, in a diffuser, or topically. It is a weight-loss product that supports you to burn fat and loss some pounds. Besides, it may still suppress your appetite so as not to eat a lot. This is a healthy product that contains antioxidants, and it supports the immune system. It may also improve your mood. doTerra Slim and Sassy include numerous uses.

Quick Facts & Specs

doTerra Slim and Sassy

doTerra Slim and Sassy is formulated to help support your metabolism and address hunger cravings when ingested.

  • Brand:doTerra
  • Form: Liquid
  • Price:$34.67
  • Benefit: Supports a positive mood.
  • Ingredients: Ginger Root, Grapefruit Peel, Peppermint Plant
  • Type: Supplement
  • Uses: The product might support you lose weight.

doTerra Slim and Sassy Pros & Cons


  • doTerra Slim & Sassy should support a healthy metabolism.
  • It might support you lose weight.
  • This supplement may suppress cravings and hunger pangs.
  • This product might support a positive mood.
  • doTerra Slim and Sassy include no stimulants.


  • Some customers claim that they did not love the taste of this product.
  • After using doTerra Slim and Sassy you have to stay away from the sun for 12 hours
  • This product might lead to a reaction in individuals with sensitive skin when used topically.

How Does It Work? | The Science Behind doTerra Slim and Sassy

doTerra Slim and Sassy Essential Oil include compounds that fasten the metabolism. This positions your body into a quick-burning state of thermogenesis. This might cause fast weight loss. As per the International Journal of Obesity observed adaptive thermogenesis in human beings.

Besides, components such as lemon peel include pectin fiber which makes you feel full, and this stops you from snacking or overeating. This ingredient and other compounds might inhibit the accumulation of fat in the human body. As per the study in the Journal of Biochemistry and Nutrition revealed that lemon polyphenols  curb diet-induced obesity

Who Should Use doTerra Slim and Sassy?

This is a main weight-loss product and is recommended to anyone who is fighting to lose weight and is searching for some natural support. Besides, it is good to consult your doctor to check if this product is suitable for you to use.

doTerra Slim and Sassy Ingredients – What to Look For

doTerra Slim and Sassy have main effective  compounds that include;

Peppermint Plant – This ingredient has the potential to curb appetite, thus being effective for weight loss. It still helps good digestion, and it might induce calmness and decrease anxiety by lowering cortisol levels. As per the Ciênc. Tecnol. Aliment, Campinas  revealed that ingestion of peppermint causes weight loss and reduces BMI.

Grapefruit Peel –This fruit peel includes enzymes that cause fast fat loss. Besides, they contain fiber which may make you feel fuller. This ingredient is great in antioxidants and may defend against heart attack and stroke. As per the study Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental revealed that taking grapefruit cause modest weight loss.

Ginger Root – This ingredient is great in antioxidants which boost the immune system. Besides, it still helps weight loss since it quickens the metabolism. As per the study in Metabolism revealed that ginger may curb appetite and may still induce thermogenesis without fastening the metabolism.


doTerra Slim and Sassy – Questions and Answers

Q: How to Use doTerra Slim and Sassy?

A: You have 3 alternatives on how to use doTerra Slim and Sassy. You may use it in a diffuser. In your device place 3 or 4 drops. Put 4 drops in 4 fl. oz. of clean water for internal use and then drink it. However, for external uses apply 1 or 2 drops to the part that you need to treat. You may dilute with coconut oil if your skin is very sensitive


Q: Does doTerra Slim and Sassy Have Any Side Effects?

A: There are a few side effects that you may experience when taking doTerra Slim & Sassy. For instance, peppermint might lead to dry mouth, abdominal pain, nausea, or heartburn. Ginger can cause diarrhea, heartburn, stomach discomfort, throat and mouth irritation. In addition, it increases bleeding tendency.

Q: Can I Take doTerra Slim and Sassy If I Have A Health Condition?

A: Grapefruit peel reacts with some popular medications, so consult your doctor if you are under medication. Besides, it might also enhance the risk of breast cancer since it may raise estrogen levels. In addition, it promotes irregular heartbeat.

Q: Does doTerra Slim and Sassy Work?

A: doTerra Slim & Sassy must be an active product since it includes compounds such as ginger which fastens the metabolism, promoting weight loss and fat burning. Additional constituents prevent the accumulation of fat and make you feel full similar to lemon peel. The doTerra Slim and Sassy reviews generally accept that this product is active.

Q: What Is doTerra Slim and Sassy Moneyback Guarantee, Return & Refund Policy?

A: This product has a return policy of 30 days. If you find the product ineffective, inform them and within 30 days send it back with the original purchase date. You will receive a complete refund with less shipping. If you like you may still receive store credit.

If you need a refund from 31-90 days from purchasing date, you may get a refund of 90% of the buying price or receive 100% store credit for the product. From 91 days up to 12 months after the date of purchase, you may receive a refund of 90% of the buying price or get a credit of 90%.

Q: Is doTerra Slim and Sassy Safe While Breastfeeding?

A: It is effective and safe to use this product while breastfeeding or expectant. Though, it includes peppermint, which may reduce your milk supply. So it’s good to consult your doctor first before using it.

Q: What Does doTerra Slim and Sassy Taste Like?

A: No, Aqualeva Face Cream does not contain any smell, chemicals, preservatives, parabens, or additives. Sometimes it’s good than cream since does not have a smell that most individuals are allergic to it. Besides, it is difficult to get an odor to please everybody.

doTerra Slim and Sassy Alternatives

Brand Price Active Ingredients
DexaTrim Various prices MCT Oil,  Caffeine, Choline Bitartrate, Vitamins and Minerals, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, Ginseng Root, Choline Bitartrate Garcinia Cambogia
Detoxil $49 Fish Oil, EPA, DHA
PhenQ $69.95   L-carnitine fumarate, calcium carbonate, nopal, Capsimax, caffeine,  lacys reset, calcium carbonate, chromium picolinate,
Meratrim $24.98  Sphaeranthus Indicus, Garcinia Mangostana
FenFast 375 $49  L-Phenylalanine, Hordenine, L-Theanine, Caffeine
Atrafen Elite $22.99  Phenethylamine, Synephrine Caprylate, Yohimbine, Nettle Root, Inositol Niacinate, Caffeine
ProVen $67.00  Asian Mushroom Complex, Vitamins C and E, Turmeric, Bioflavonoids, Garlic Bulb,  Selenium
Phen375 $65.95 Chromium, Citrus Aurantium, L-Carnitine, Cayenne Pepper,   Caffeine Anhydrous
RazaLean $69.95  Apple cider vinegar, arginine,  turmeric, caffeine, Capsaicin, kelp

doTerra Slim and Sassy is reasonably-priced and has an average market. It includes a good combination of weight-loss compounds. Though a number of these products consist of more than doTerra Slim and Sassy.

Is doTerra Slim and Sassy Safe? – Warnings & Complaints

doTerra Slim and Sassy is a natural product and thus is safe. There are some health cautions to heed; however, this product will only cause a few side effects. None of the compounds are harmful. They might react to other medications, so it’s good to seek medical advice from your doctor.

doTerra Slim and Sassy Customer Reviews & Results

The majority of doTerra Slim and Sassy Essential Oil reviews were from individuals who liked this product. Customers praised the benefits they received like good sleep and weight loss. The other reviews are from some individuals who experienced skin reactions or side effects.

doTerra Slim and Sassy: Packages, Deals, Prices & Where to Buy It

You may purchase doTerra Slim and Sassy on the producer’s official website, from some other online and offline retailers as well as on Amazon. On the official website the price is  $34.67 and on Amazon, retails at $92.14.

The Bottom Line

doTerra Slim and Sassy is an organic liquid supplement that you may use topically, in a diffuser or a drink. The key target of this product is to fasten your metabolism to support you to achieve your desired weight-loss goals. Besides, it may curb your hunger to prevent you from snacking between the meals as well as enhances your mood.

This is a common product that received most doTerra Slim and Sassy Oil reviews from the users. Most customers claim that they lost some pounds with this product and they like the doTerra Slim and Sassy before and after effects. Nevertheless, some customers were not happy about this product and claimed that the product has terrible flavor.

If you use this product topically when you have a skin reaction, you might experience some mild side effects. If you see these undesired symptoms, it is advisable to discontinue using the product immediately. Before using any product it is good to consult your doctor first.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know About doTerra Slim and Sassy?

doTerra Slim and Sassy suppress your appetite and support you in get your weight-loss objectives as well as enhance your mood. We believe this product is giving you the best results in achieving your desired weight loss. Below are some organic lifestyle guidelines for losing weight.

  • Take plenty of water regularly, this will remove toxins out of your body and still support good digestion. This will support you lose weight.
  • Avoid oily, fatty, and sugar foods that may increase more calories and promote weight gain.
  • Work out regularly as you can, in a week at least 3-4 times. This will assist you to quicken your metabolism and burn extra calories.
  • Add more protein to your diet. This helps you feel fuller by suppressing your appetite.

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