SiO Beauty Review – Is This Brand Any Good?

What Is SiO Beauty?

SiO Beauty is a line of wrinkle-diminishing patches that promise to enhance and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. The patches were initially formulated to help décolletage only, while the brand slowly combined body patches and facial in the collection. The brand states that these patches are made of medical-grade silicone. When devoted to the skin offers long-term and short-term diminishing of wrinkles.

From the skin layers, patches draw moisture thus providing the skin a plumper and smoother appearance. According to studies they found the activeness of silicone in the management of scars.

What are SiO Beauty Patches?

SiO Beauty Patches to draw moisture to the skin surface thin-like silicon materials are placed on the skin. The patches are comfortable, and flexible and could be placed on wrinkles –a prone area of the skin. They diminish wrinkles and fine lines in 2 hours.

Are Sio Beauty Patches Safe?

The company promises users that it uses clinical-grade silicone to formulate these patches. Surgeons and doctors generally use this form of silicone for scar treatment and implants. In this product, the adhesive used is claimed to be tested and produced to the greatest standards.

Is SiO Beauty Worth it?

SiO Beauty patches contain silicone which is active in the management of scars thus this product might work. This product has many SiO Beauty before and after pictures that might evidence its success on the company’s official website.

Is SiO Beauty Cruelty-Free?

SiO Beauty is cruelty-free according to the manufacturer since they don’t test their animals to ascertain the activeness of their advanced formulas.

Is SiO Beauty Vegan?

It is not precisely that every product should be 100% vegan though this line of products is animal friendly. If you are interested in a certain product look at the label to ensure it is effective for you to use without affecting you.

Is SiO Beauty Sold in Stores?

You may purchase SiO Beauty products from departmental stores or the official website. Besides, from the spar near you or dermatologist but you need to make a call to make sure it is in stock


How Do SiO Beauty Patches Work?

This product creates an occlusion between the silicone and the skin when placed on the skin. The micro-climate effect is occlusion where the silicone patch attracts moisture from the layers of the skin to the skin surface. This is beneficial in making skin appear plumper and smoother, thus enhancing fine lines created by wrinkles.

The patch is supposed to improve the production of collagen which offers long-term effects in diminishing wrinkles. The building blocks of the skin are well-known as  Collagen. It provides the skin its elastic and firm properties. SiO Beauty patches provide long-term and instant results. It may be used up to 15 times.


How to Cancel SiO Beauty Subscription

Write your email to stating that you need your account to be canceled if you want to stop your subscription.

How to Clean Sio Beauty Pads?

Wash your patch pads with pure clean water and leave them to dry. Protect them from dust and to avoid losing them, keep them in your storage shield.

How much are SiO Beauty Patches?


  • SiO Cryo System – $135.00
  • SiO Browlift – $29.95
  • SiO Facelift – $ 49.95

 How to Apply SiO Beauty Patches

Before applying SiO Beauty Patches you need to wash and dry the skin on the affected area. Then if the one offered is not different, cut the power patches to fit in the exact shape. After applying, wait for a suggested time.

 How Long Does SiO Beauty Last?

If used as recommended, the SiO serum and cleansing discs might last for 2 years. While power patches results might be seen after 3 years.

SiO Beauty Patches Reviews  

Numerous users mentioned that the product worked for them. Their skin became plumper and smoother after using. They claimed that other patches are lightweight compared to SiO Beauty patches they do feel more comfortable when using them.

Some customers said that when they remove patches it leaves creases since it does not stick well. Others still claimed they did not see any change even after using. Even some users said after using SiO Beauty patches they got irritation.

Who Sells SiO Beauty Patches

SiO Beauty products may be purchased from online retailers, dermatologist offices, the company’s official website, spas, and department stores.

SiO Beauty Alternatives

Other anti-wrinkling patches or la Mer cream equivalent that you might consider include;


  • Jart + Focuspot Line and Wrinkle Micro Tip Patch. This is the smile patches version and SiO Beauty’s under-eye patches for diminishing wrinkles. Upon coming into contact with skin it has stimulated small tips. These patches infuse Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid into the skin.


  • Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Wrinkles and Décolletage Wrinkles- Chest Smoothing Kit. This silicone improves moisture levels by filling the chest wrinkles. To achieve a good cleavage this patch should be used about 20 to 30 times.


Can I use SiO Beauty when Pregnant?

Lactating and pregnant mothers should only use SiO Beauty after consulting the doctor if it’s effective for them to use. It might not be a good decision for some individuals to depend on the response of their bodies.

Where is SiO Beauty Located?

Recently, every SiO Beauty store is located in the U.S.A. Many countries access the online stores however, they are yet to state if they have started international shipping.


SiO Beauty Patches Ingredients

The adhesive is made with dimethicone, stearic acid, hydrogen dimethicone, and silica while patches are prepared from medical grade silicone.

Who Manufactures SiO Beauty Products?

SiO beauty products are manufactured by the SiO Beauty brand. The entrepreneur, Gigi Howard is the one who established this company and had a fair share of chest wrinkles. Gigi tried out numerous products but they did not work. Then he was presented with this medical-grade silicone well-known for treating scars. SiO Beauty came into existence, while he was finding an active anti-wrinkling remedy. Before getting the final version of the patches the company said to have made up to 180 prototypes.

SiO Beauty Products

.These patches mostly cover body areas, face, and neck. There are particular patches that one should get to enhance the appearance of wrinkles in specific areas. These particular patches include; Eye and Smile patches, NeckLift patches, SiO FaceLift, Elbow, and Knee Rescue Lift. In addition, BrowLift patch as well as HandLift.

Males have alternatives in the form of SiO for Him Facelift at SiO Beauty Sephora. SiO Beauty sells Décolleté Cleansing Discs besides patches. They help to smooth and cleanse the skin before applying a SiO patch.

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Final Word on SiO Beauty Products

These products claim to support customers to achieve wrinkle-free, smoother, and plumper skin with no surgical procedures. Through their moisture drawing effects, these patches are placed on the skin. They claim to offer an immediately radiant appearance and enhance wrinkles. The patches assure to improve collagen production for the long period. This will enhance collagen levels in the skin.

By referring to the positive reviews that this product has received it might work. It is beneficial for people who fear going under the knife or needles. It still has Male’s Line products to promote a youthful appearance.


Some customers did find this product effective. They claimed that the product does not stick and also patches cause unsightly creases. For customers with sensitive skin, SiO Beauty might irritate them. SiO Beauty products have other disadvantages in that lactating and pregnant females may only use them after consultation from the doctor. Users may have alternative products in the market. They should research the ones with affordable price tags, catering their unique needs, and have great reviews.

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