Image Skin Care Review – How Effective Is It?

What is Image Skin Care? 

Image Skin Care is established by an esthetician as well as it is a clinical brand. The line of the products is claimed to be designed by physicians. The products have scientific research supporting their efficacy. Following the great suggestions and good reviews by customers,this brand has managed to get some awards. Across the countries this brand has attained the trust of 20,000 skin care experts.

How to Use Image Skin Care

 There are some skin care products in this collection like sun protection, moisturizers, eye care, serums, lip care, eye care, and others. Apply Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer generously to every target point and rub it till it absorbs. You should use it before you sleep and morning for maximum results.

You should ensure to wash your skin when using the Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion every evening and morning. It may be used in the management of a spot. When you experience irritation reduce application to only one time a day. Similar instructions apply with image skin care for oily skin. When using the Ormedic Balancing Facial Scrubber, rub a pie-sized amount of the cleanser cream gently into wet skin for 2 minutes at most. Then wash with pure clean water. Do this every evening and morning.

Who Owns Image Skin Care? 

Jana Robert is a chairwoman and brain behind the Image Skin Care Board. Some of the main products behind Image Skin Care are the following ;

  • Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer-This is a beneficial emollient crème that is claimed to improve the levels of skin hydration. That’s by protecting it from dehydration due to loss of moisture.


  • Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion– This lotion fights bacteria that cause breakouts of acne. It treats unclogging pores and blackheads. It still helps to lighten the skin scars and redness.


  • Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser –This foaming cleanser claims to remove skin impurities through its surfactant components.

What Active Ingredients Are in Image Skin Care Products?

The effective compounds contained in the main products include;

  • Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate– This is a formula of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) present in  Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer. As per the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, this ingredient is purportedly an active antioxidant. It may help to protect the skin from photoaging. It still enhances hyperpigmentation.


  • Benzoyl peroxide– This compound is contained in the Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion. According to the Journal of Dermatology, this component is suggested as standard management for acne vulgaris. It is active for non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne vulgaris which commonly affects the chest, back, and face.


  • Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate-This is the effective compound created in Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser. According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, this compound is a surfactant agent. A surfactant generally includes a lipophilic end (attracted to oil) and a hydrophilic end (attracted to water). This feature allows it to attract and get rid of oils, dirt, and impurities.


Is Image Skin Care any Good?

The main skin care products in this collection might work through the use of effective compounds. Many users like the product and claim it works for them. Additional products might work considering they are designed by dermatologists. Those who have a better understanding of the skin.

Image Skin Care Reviews  

Most customers prefer Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer. On retailers and official websites, it has great reviews. Especially for dry skin customers praise the hydrating potential. Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion has positive reviews. Customers said worked immediately and decreased pore sizes. One user claimed the product caused her a skin breakout.

Vital C has numerous positive reviews compared to the Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser. Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser is still liked by users and some claim it enhanced the skin leaving it hydrated, clean, and soft.


Who Sells Image Skin Care Products and How Much do they Cost?

These products may be purchased from other online retailers or the brand’s official website.

Some of the main products in this brand have the following prices;

  • Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser – $32.00
  • Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion – $36.00
  • Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer – $68.00


Image Skin Care Alternatives

The alternative brand for Image Skin Care is Formulyst. It is long-term skincare as it promises through its compounds which replenish the skin’s antioxidant levels, vitamins, and minerals.

Advanced Dermatology is another option in the line of products as it has many reviews because of its anti-aging prowess. It may be used by females and males who want to enhance youthful-looking skin.


Is Image Skin Care Safe?

Besides, being designed by professionals, each of the products in this brand is claimed to be free from parabens, artificial fragrances, and synthetic dyes. In addition, to phthalates, and mineral oils.

Can You use Image Skin Care When Pregnant?

When expectant you are advised not to use any of their product in this line of products until you consult your doctor.

Is Image Skin Care Vegan?

This product line identifies itself as vegan-friendly, free from unwanted artificial colors, and 100 percent fragrance-free.


Is Image Skin Care Medical Grade?

The company names itself a clinical skincare brand. They only use herbal, effective ingredients in their formulas as well as researched botanicals.


Is Image Skin Care Organic?

This brand uses many compounds that are purportedly organically gotten from botanic sources. These ingredients have gone through lab tests to check their relevance and potency for skincare use.


Where is Image Skin Care Made?

This line of products is advanced and designed by a group of chemists that are founded in the U.S.A.

Are Image Skincare Products Gluten-Free?

The producer states that all brand’s products are free from artificial components, paraben-free, and petrochemical free. They ensure to indicate any soy product they have used.


Is Image Skin Care Cruelty-Free?

The company claim that they don’t test animals thus it is cruelty-free. Cosmetic companies protect the animals and don’t use possibly hash formulas on animals.


Image Skin Care Side Effect

Some customers claimed to have experienced allergic reactions besides, being free from key allergens and being all–natural. Look at the compounds before buying the product. You may still get advice from the dermatologist before using any line of products.

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Final Word on Image Skin Care Products

This brand provides a general variety of skin products that are claimed to be free from synthetic ingredients, possible allergens, and organic. These products are said to be designed by dermatologists who understand the needs of the skin.

Reviews from users who were pleased by this product claimed it works. After using image skin care collagen supporting creams, lotions, moisturizers, and serums. They make your skin feel more smooth and radiant than before, hydrated as well as hydrated. These are significant qualities you require in your line of products.

Every skin is unique so results may vary for different customers. Users with sensitive skin might get an allergic breakout. So they should consult a doctor first before using this product.

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