Nu Skin Review – Does it Use Safe Ingredients?

What Is Nu Skin?

Nu Skin is a brand that produces health support supplements and personal care products. The company was founded in 1984. To sell its products to the users they use multilevel marketing principles and reach its possible users.

This MLM Company sells its product directly to users through an established company’s website. It delivers MLM opportunities. That means consumers of these products may receive monetary benefits by mentioning the products to a new potential customer.   are paid  They do scientific research on the ingredients to determine how perfect the nu skin facial spa formulas. They usually want to know to what extent this brand may enhance personal health as well as what’s the results after using it for a long period.

Who is Behind Nu Skin?

The team of botanical researchers and scientists is behind the Nu Skin Company. These specialists have a combined target for the production of world-class products. Initially, the company was established in the U.S. But nowadays has branches in Asia the Pacifica, Africa, and Europe.

What Does Nu Skin Sell?

 This brand has nutritional supplements from 10 various brands and a list of over 200 in the line of products. The skincare products are such as facial cleansing devices, skin firming serums, and numerous varieties of lipsticks. Besides, it contains skincare creams, anti-aging, and others.

A small number of knockout names are the following designed to color, PowerLips Fluid, soothe, and moisturize your lips. A brand under Nu Skin 180, AgeLOC sells a skin-mask, TriPhasic, lotions, and a skin whitener. There are the TruFace Aimed treatments in the anti-aging collection items. They include TruFace Instant Line Corrector, and ageLOC Skin Firming Capsules. Both are formulated to work together to help reduce white lines as well as independently.

How Does Nu Skin Work?

All products under this brand work as influenced by its components profile. You are allowed to receive 30% in commission for all sales you succeed on the Nu skin website. The brand’s promises are in the sales compensation plan. The company must maintain the processing fee.

What Ingredients are in Nu Skin Products?

 Nu Skin mostly highlights that they produce more of their components from botanical and Nutraceuticals sources. It offers priority to organic ingredients. Some knockouts names of the components in this brand are such as;

  • GABA –This is an organic amino acid that is beneficial in slowing age on the skin, a claim that is supported by the journal in Molecules. It is a main key ingredient in Nu Skin 180 ° Night Complex. Besides, Terni folia seed oil and Gingko Biloba among others.


  • Rosemary and Black Walnut –These are among the 21 herbal extracts in The Herbal Mineral Bath, Nu Skin’s skin cleanser. A study in the Journal of Pharmaceutics lists Rosemary as significant in skin-improving herbs.


  • Green Tea –It is a general ingredient in many Pharmanex and Nu Skin products. Tegreen 97’, one of their original formulas is driven from green tea. A study in the journal Dermatologic Therapy shows that this ingredient helps in long-term skin hydration.



  • Narcissus Bulbs – The research team of Nu skins uses this ingredient as the key component under the clear name IBR-Dormin for Intense Body Moisturizer. As per DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, this ingredient may help to protect the skin from environmental aggressors.


What are the Advantages of Nu Skin?

  •  The brand contains organic ingredients
  • This brand is long term in business since 1984 and understands what might work.
  • Nu Skin products might deliver advantages to the skin-protective.
  • The brand claims to use advanced technology to make active skin moisturizers.

 What are the Disadvantages Nu Skin?


  • Some customers complained that Nu Skin AgeLoc provides spotty hives
  • Nu Skin does not sell its products in stores directly
  • Some individuals say nu skin cleanser products are costly

Are Nu Skin Products Safe?

 This company has a compound philosophy “All of the good”, which recommends that they use safe and researched ingredients. This mindset indicates the brand’s commitment to providing effective ingredients as described on the company’s official website. The brand’s administration has a unique department run by top dermatologists and scientists. They name it the Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board.

Is Nu Skin Cruelty-Free?

Nu skin doesn’t support or test its products on animals .The company purportedly believes in being respectful, ethical, and humane to nature. The company sets standards to make sure its cosmetic products are not harmful to humans and animals. That’s when the product’s regulatory laws authorize.

How Much Do Nu Skin Products Cost?

The brand’s product price differs depending on the actual brand behind it or the product itself. Below are some of the examples;


  • The TriPhasic White System – $192
  • ageLOC Tru Face Uplifting Cream – $118
  • The Herbal Mineral Bath – $20.50
  • Balancing Shampoo (1 liter) – $45
  • ageLOC anti-acne kit – $348
  • The PowerLips Fluid – $25

Where Can I Buy Nu Skin Products?

You may purchase the Nu Skin products from their affiliate sales consultants or major retailer websites. Besides, you might buy from the company’s official website.

Do Nu Skin Products Work?

The fact that the company has managed to run the business for three decades is an indication that users like this product line. People’s results after using this brand’s product may vary because different of skin types. It is good to do trial and error to know which one is best for you.

What Do Customers Think of Nu Skin?

The brand’s product has a higher percentage of the users you were pleased by it. That is by considering the experiences of individual and components overview. In terms of being common, it’s possible at least you spot some write-ups about one key product on UK, U.S, or French-based retailer websites.

Nu Skin’s Fluoride Toothpaste has nu skin amazon reviews of more than 180. The users’ feedback is positive with over 70%. Several of them read “My thought has constantly been you may barely get actual dummies tooth whitening ($13.95). So I was doubtful if to purchase or not, but now am glad I did-its good. My teeth sparkle white because of AP24.” One user who did not like the product said, “Nu skin body butter added no benefit for purchasing it. Even after using it for months, I did not see any difference.”

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The Final Word on Nu Skin

Nu Skin and its partner as a company appear to deliver promising products. Nu Skin philosophy “All of the good,” stands out for many people. This might offer an indication as to why they achieve to continue in the marketplace for this long

The brand has an Anti-Aging Adversary board that decides what is happening in these products from anti-wrinkle serums to skin cleansers and skin moisturizers.

Nu Skin products are effective and safe to use. Though there are some customers who find it ineffective.

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