Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte Review – Is It Really Any Good?

Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte is active exfoliant that eliminates dead cells and imperfections from the surface of the skin. Check confirmation in our review!

What Is Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte?

This is a herbal cream that assures to eliminate cellulite from your skin and making it soft, moisturized, and smooth. This product includes compounds which may break down the fat cells under your skin.

Besides, it might also enhance circulation, which improves the skin health and offers it a rosy glow. It still has antioxidants which repair skin damage and help reduce the signs of aging.



ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Sea Salt, Menthol, Ginger Root Oil

PRICE: $65

BEST FOR: For every skin type

ABOUT THE BRAND: The House of Orlane has been making legendary cosmetic care since 1947. Orlane has established a genuine care philosophy and an unique anti-aging complex.

USES: Exfoliates, Detoxifies, as well as fights cellulite.


How Do I Use Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte?

First wash your face and dry it using you’re a towel. Then take a good amount of Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte using your fingers and massage it on the affected area to remove cellulite. Using a circular motion rub the cream into your skin until it is fully absorbed.


What are the Ingredients in Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte?

Below are some of the main effective components present in Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte:

Ginger Root Oil –The oil extracted from ginger mostly contains antioxidants, which means they restore damage to the skin barrier. They contain powerful anti-aging benefits.

A per the study in Planta Medica revealed that this ingredient has effective anti-inflammatory activity which may reduce inflammation on the skin.

Menthol –This is natural ingredient which is extracted among the mint plants. It produces a freshing feeling, cooling on the skin. It is well-known for its activeness in reducing pain.

According to the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy claims that this ingredient created a cooling feeling on the skin, and enhanced its blood flow.

Sea Salt –When the sea evaporates, Sea Salt is made. It is so nourishing for the skin, supporting to purify bacteria and additional impurities from the pores.

As per the study in the International Journal of Dermatology claims that taking bath in Dead Sea salt improves hydration, decreases swelling, and enhances skin barrier function in atopic dry skin.

What Does Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte Do?

Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte includes caffeine, which has potential to break down fat cells underneath the skin. This supports to remove cellulite. The caffeine also improves circulation, which boosts the overall health of the skin. It still offers a rosy glow.

The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology tested the permeability of caffeine in the skin.

This product consists of antioxidants, which repair damage to the skin barrier. This may reduce some aging signs. Besides, anti-inflammatory agents lessen redness and inflammation on the skin.

According to an article in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity stated the function of antioxidant in defending against photoaging.

However, Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte includes some hydrating compounds. This liquid goes underneath the skin and offers it volume. This may even out other signs of aging or cellulite.

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People Also Ask

Q: Will Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte Protect Me from the Sun?

A: This product specifically does not include sunscreen. It contains antioxidants that offer some defense against sun damage. Particularly, they shield against damaging UV rays by killing harmful free radicals.

Q: Can Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte Make Me Look Younger?

A:  It may smooth out aging signs on your body that include wrinkles and cellulite, therefore, promoting youthful appearance on your skin.

Q: Will Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte Help Me Lose Weight?

A: It will break down the fat cells underneath your skin thus creating its smoothness. Actually it won’t assist you to lose weight completely. Besides, it will enhance the appearance of your silhouette and remove cellulite.

Q: Can Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte Get Rid of Crepey Skin?

A: Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte has the ability to remove crepey skin similar way it eliminates cellulite. It tightens the skin, reduces signs of age and deeply hydrates. You may use it for those reasons and it could be active.

When Should I Start Using Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte?

You may began using this product once you notice some aging signs  or when you need to remove cellulite on your body. You might still use Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte even when you don’t have those issues, since it will moisturize, smooth and tighten your skin.

How Much Is Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte and Where Do I Buy It?

You may not buy Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte from the company’s website but you can purchase it from other retailers like Amazon. Nowadays it is listed as “unavailable.” Its price is around $65.

Does Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte Have a Return Policy?

You may not get Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte on official website but you might purchase it from other authorized retailers and each has its specific return policy.

Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte Alternatives

Brand Price Active Ingredients
Finulite AM & PM Cellulite Cream $49.95 Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Guarana
Life’s Butter Anti-Cellulite Cream $39 Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract , Chondrus Crispus, Coconut Extract, Lemon Extract
Elemis Body Toning Cellulite Program $132 Plankton Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jania Rubens
Sisley Cellulinov Intensive Anti-Cellulite Body Care $300 Indian Lotus Extract, Sunflower Oil, Longan Seed
Revision BodiFirm $150 Bamboo Leaf Extract, Pea Extract,  Glucosamine
StriVectin-TL Tightening Body Cream $59 Shea Butter, Turmeric, Jojoba Oil

What Do Customers Think About Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte?

Most online reviews for Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte are positive. Customers claim that this cream is active at reducing cellulite and making their skin soft and smooth. Besides, there are some users who actually find this product ineffective.

Is Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte a Safe Product?

Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte is effective and safe product which uses healthy natural compounds. There have ability to cause skin reaction, generally from one of its components

This may lead to skin itchiness and red. If you experience this side effects consult your dermatologist for medical advice.

Does Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte Work?

This product includes compounds which could be active at eliminating cellulite and other aging signs from the skin. It consists of antioxidants which repair damage to the skin, and anti-inflammatory agents which ease inflammation.

This product breaks down the fat underneath the skin, removing inflammation, and enhances circulation. Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte might work considering the compounds included. The customer reviews appear to support the effectiveness of this product as they praise it.


This is natural cream which may remove cellulite from the skin. It achieves that by helping melt fat cells on the skin and offering hydration to provide the skin volume. It might repair damage to the skin barrier and defend it from future harm. This is a great cream which uses effective compounds.

Generally the reviews for Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte are positive. Numerous customers claim that the cream function for them as it reduces their cellulite. They are glad since it helped them to improve their appearance of their skin.

If you notice some undesired side effects from Orlane Paris Aqua Svelte, discontinue using it.

As always advised for people with sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist first before you start using any new skin product.

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