SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream Review

What is SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream?

SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream promotes young-looking skin. This anti-aging cream might help diminish wrinkles,eliminate dark circles, and clear fine lines. It also improves skin elasticity. Sk-ii lxp ultimate revival serum is an expensive product that purportedly can offer its promises in three days. The company claims that this advanced formula provides intense hydration which is important to the skin. Appreciations to its signature compound Pitera.

Is SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream Any Good?

According to its manufacturer, the cream uses a combination of skin conditioning agents and special vitamins to enhance skin tone, radiance, and texture. Besides, it reduces the common signs of aging. As per the producer, the cream’s key strength is delivering permanent hydration. Whether it is perfect or not, it appears like many users find SK-II products beneficial. For instance, many sk-ii ultimate revival essence reviews and sk ii lxp ultimate perfecting eye cream reviews are positive. It is believed that the price tag on this specific cream means that it works.

What are the Ingredients in SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream?

Sk ii lxp ultimate revival cream sample 25 ml has the main components that include;

  • PITERA™ – This eye cream is the main component and it is the company that discovered a blend of 50 micro-nutrients. They include amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, and minerals. As per the Journal of Biomolecules and Therapeutics, micronutrients are beneficial in helping the skin’s self-renewal mechanism.


  • ActiV™ This ingredient purportedly improves skin restoration. It is a special form of PITERA™ with a combination of Niacinamide and special peptides.They provide intense skin moisturizing effects. Peptides, as per the Food Chemistry journal, improve the skin’s ability for moisture retention.


  • Lychee Extract –This compound naturally supports the skin’s role in cell renewal. According to the article in the journal Pharmacognosy Review indicates that this ingredient has a great vitamin C content thus offers antioxidant benefits to the skin.


  • Niacinamide –This is the most used ingredient for healthy working skin, and is frequently named as vitamin B3 complex. It purportedly improves the skin’s barrier, texture, and tightness as well as supports key skin mechanisms. That’s according to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

How Does SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream Work?

This cream’s design is claimed to be eight times more focused on the signature compound Pitera™. Due to that, it provides rich hydration and maintains the skin wet for a long period to improve its organic role like restoration. Another SK-II’s antiaging technology is the Activ™. It might work actively to enhance organic firmness. Lychee extract is among other compounds which improve oxidative stress and protection against UV stress. Besides, it supports the skin’s elasticity against photoaging.

SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream Reviews

Most of sk-ii lxp ultimate revival serum reviews on the official website are positive. Some users said that after a long search for an effective eye cream they finally liked SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream. “I have been trying various eye creams since I was concerned to find a solution to my under-eye wrinkles and I never got a perfect result the way LXP ultimate has. I am glad that this cream has given me peace of mind for it is working according to my needs. However,not every review is positive on other retailer sites. For example, sk-ii lxp ultimate revival cream Sephora, some customers have given it 1,2,3 stars.

How to Use SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream?

Use the cream two times a day, evening and morning. Using a spatula, scoop a small amount of the cream and gently apply using your palm on the delicate area around the eye. Before using this cream, first, you need to wash your skin, tone target, treat, and then hydrate.

Does SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream Offer Free Sample?

Recently, on the company’s website, there is no suggestion of free sk-ii ultimate revival eye cream sample products.

How Much Does SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream Cost?

On the official website, A 0.52oz pack of LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream costs $195. Some retailer sites also sell the eye cream at a similar price but provide a 4 interest-free installment payment plan of $48.75. The prices may differ for sk ii wholesale distributors or harga sk-ii lxp ultimate perfecting eye cream.

Where Can I Buy SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream?

You can purchase this eye cream from other authorized retailers as well as from the company’s website.

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Final Thought

The information you should always remember about this cream is that it is said to be a high-end product .It is designed from the manufacturer’s purest and best-concentrated formula of signature constituent PITERA™. This is a multiple-compound skin care cream that is meant to use several ingredients in its formulation.

Sk-ii lxp ultimate revival serum is said to aim at helping and making the customer’s skin plump supple, radiant, and nourished. The producer stated that they combined Activ, Pitera, promising technologies, and specific compounds like lychee extract. However, according to scientific research and tests, they proved to deliver antiaging benefits.

This cream might enhance the skin firmness,  luminosity, affirm radiance,  and natural moisture retention ability as well as offer velvety smoothness. It purportedly works for normal, dry, and sensitive skin. Using it together with sk2 lxp ultimate perfecting eye cream might improve your results. However, what is not adding up to this product’s user reviews is that on the product’s website almost every customer appraised it highly. Besides, on several retail sites, only 50% of the customers seem to like this product. This means that it might not work well for some individuals. The good thing about this eye cream is that you might return the product and get your cash if you find it ineffective.







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