Truffoire Review – Is This Brand Any Good?

What is Truffoire?

Truffoire is a beauty line with numerous products that aim to improve skincare. This brand has two categories of products made from different ingredients but with truffoire as the standard constituent. In other words, truffoire is the brand’s signature ingredient.

Black Collection is the first batch, which contains an extract of black truffle also well-known as tuber melanosporum.  White Collection is the second line whose main component the white truffle extract is also named tuber aestivum.

The brand’s truffoire skin care believes that truffles are the main ingredient that supports renovating the skin’s natural age-fighting capability through renovation. It provides truffoire day moisturizer, truffoire eye cream, truffoire facial peel, and others. They help to repair the skin.

The truffoire instant repair syringe enhances the response of skin’s natural and purportedly enhances the role of skin self-repair.

Is Truffoire Any Good?

Truffoire has various skin care products such as skin moisturizers, and night cream among others. The best thing is that the products work to help each other. Truffoire cream works to support the efficiency of the truffoire moisturizer. The other notion is that these creams work together for quick absorption and improved results.

 Who Owns Truffoire?

The actual brain behind truffoire lacks enough details There are lacks enough details on who is the brain behind truffoire. The company is located in the Honolulu Ohau, Hilton Village, at the 2005 Kalia, according to a post on the Better Business Bureau.


What Does Truffoire Sell?

Truffoire sells and makes a broad variety of products such as truffoire truffle skin corrector creams, truffoire bleaching creams, and ruffoire under eye bags serums. Besides, skin cleansers, truffoire neck and face cream, and scrubs. They classify their products based on the main ingredient;


  • Black Collection – This line contains products that include the Truffoire truffle instant repair syringe, and Truffle Vitamin C They deliver wrinkle repair and skin cleansing effects respectively.


  • White Collection – This line contains the White Truffle Set, which includes a skin Toner and Milk Cleanser. It still contains two other items; White Truffle Eye Cream and White Truffle Eye Serum.


  • Volcanic Collection –In this selection, there is lightweight skin Perfecting Cream, and peptide-rich truffoire volcanic activating serum.

What Are the Ingredients in Truffoire?

The truffles contained in this brand are named as signature component. It features other compounds as main constituents in its product collection. The main components include;

  • Truffles – The black truffle extract purportedly delivers special age-defying effects that include skin renewal. The white truffle extract is among several separate advantages. It provides skin repair benefits and a defense against environmental damage. An article in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology , contained in ResearchGate appears to help.


  • Vitamin C and E – The study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, vitamin C and E are named as anti-aging and skin brightening ingredients.  The results of these formulas and other components that include raspberry leaf extract had notable enhancement in skin elasticity. Besides, skin tightness and wrinkling appearance.



  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract – A study in the Indian Journal of Dermatology backs the claims that this ingredient offers salicylic acid. It is the main ingredient that maintains the skin smoother and inhibits acne.

How Does Truffoire Work?

Besides, truffles are rich in skin health-enhancing proteins and essential fatty acids, which supposedly offer special antibacterial properties on the skin.

The line of products in Truffoire dr oz centers on supporting to strengthening its age-fighting potential. It also enhances the role of skin self-repair. There are two extract ingredients from while truffle and black truffle. The company highlights that these components soak into the skin to help enhance its self-renewing potential. It means truffoire gourmet skin care might slow aging.

How to Use Truffoire?

Apply a small amount of the serum using the tip of your finger on your neck or face. Then rub it till it absorbs. For anti-wrinkle cream that includes truffoire neck and face creams.

How to Use Truffoire Repair Syringe?

 The product’s label explains directly how to use truffoire black truffle instant repair syringe.

It aims to reduce wrinkles. Gently pat on the cream and apply with your ring finger until it soaks well into the skin.

Is Truffoire Cruelty Free?

The company has not stated whether or not they test on animals. There are not enough details to determine where Truffoire products are cruelty-free.

 Is Truffoire Worth the Money?

 This company uses key ingredients and that their products are worth the cost compared to other brand’s products.

 How Much are Truffoire Products

;Some Truffoire products have the following prices ;

  • The Black Truffle Facial & Eye Illuminating Mask – $3,000
  • Truffoire Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe retails for $1,250
  • Diamond Truffle Lifting Essence – $1,800
  • Black Truffle Vitamin C Cleanser – $400

Who Sells Truffoire Products?

On the company’s website Truffoire skin care products are sold there. The willing customers might also find some products on vendors or retailers who sell at discounted prices. Some common boutiques in the US stock their products, according to the manufacturer.

Truffoire Skin Care Reviews

From the retailer platforms as well as the company’s official website there are very few truffoire reviews, regarding having some products in the marketplace. Many customers online have not shared the experience. Though, it is not just clear why even with high prices customers still buy.

50% of customers were glad for the Truffle Repair Syringe but others were unhappy. The truffoire facial peeling reviews also have positive and negative reactions from customers of this cream.

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Final Thought

The high price of truffoire skin care sets it apart from other products. The company claims that they deliver eye serums, anti-wrinkle products, and gold standard skin care creams. Their formulas provide active anti-aging solutions. Truffoire day and night cream in specific deliver a unique layer that protects against bacteria that might speed up aging.

There are some positive reviews on products like The Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe and White Truffle Eye Cream. They recommend that for some time this product has been in the market.

There are many negative reviews behind these products that including truffoire truffle orchid silk mask, truffoire neck and face cream, and truffoire vitamin c cleanser. This brand is promising by viewing the truffoire before and after pictures. You may begin with the free trial version if you want to try this line of products. Truffoire has many alternative products that are cheaper and have many positive reviews.

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